I learned to drive stick in uh... I don't think I learned the way you'd learn to play guitar. More like I just discovered I could do it. I was told when I was like 4 how manuals and clutches worked, so I had the theory since I was a kid. But the first time I was allowed to drive a manual was my friend's '87 honda civic. I drove it all of two blocks. First time and I didn't even stall it! Then the second time I drove a 2000 Ranger. Lemme tell you, those things may as well just have an on/off switch for a clutch.. The third one was my counsin's Probe, I borrowed it for a week while I was looking for a car to buy. Then I found it, my good ol '91 Protege. First car I ever purchased with my own money (which you can read more about right here) 4 vehicles and 6 years later I'm very proud to say that I've never owned a car with an automatic. And by the look of things, I never will. :D


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