Leaked official documents seem to indicate that Mazda plans to drop partnership with Alfa in favour of GM. Furthermore, evidence suggests that the new ''ND'' will retain current weight and dimensions, but the MZR family of engines will be dropped in favor of a scaled down 4.7 litre V8 based on the new Chevrolet LT1 (found in the recently revealed new corvette stingray) mated to a TR-6060 gearbox in rear-mounted transaxle configuration to aid weight distribution. Standard brakes include vented discs with six piston front, four piston rear calipers provided by Brembo. Optional carbon ceramic brakes available as part of the ''Track Day Package'' which in addition to said improved brakes will include leather alcantara wrapped steering wheel, leather/alcantara two tone Recaro race seats, four point racing harness tied to the full size HPDE compliant rollbar (as previously seen in the ''Super 20'' concept vehicle.). To make room for this massive roll bar, the Track Day Package will forgo a traditional soft top, instead including a removable hard top with HPDE compliant latches, as well as a Bikini Top which can be safely stored in the trunk. PRHT models with Track Day Package will instead feature a custom Double Hoop roll bar which is currently being evaluated to comply with HPDE standards. Power figures are rumored to be ''just shy of 400 rwhp'' with torque numbers not too far behind.


On the consumer side of things, Mazda plans to integrate a revamped ''Build Your MX-5'' feature as opposed to trim levels, in which customers will be able to choose which (if any) commodities make it into their brand new ND. Options to be included or excluded are (to name a few): interior trim material (seats, steering wheel, interior panels and shifter boot) interior/exterior color (with a staggering 1.6 Million color combinations available) creature comforts such as two zone climate control, cruise control, satellite navigation/infotainment system with full MP3/pandora/iPod compatibility. Trim materials include (but not limited to): leather (hide or suede texture), alcantara, plastic (on budget oriented builds), vinyl, stainless steel, aluminum, genuine carbon fibre, cloth options such as canvas, plaid (in a configuration similar to the GTI Recaros), and space mesh (akin to the MP4-12C seats).

Pricing is rumored to start at $19,999 for a base model with no amenities (said to be advertised as the ''Stripped down blank slate'' model, which is expected to be a hit with the impressive aftermarket community the Miata has always been famous for), with À la carte options priced accordingly.


By yours truly, as seen here.

A man can dream, no? ;)

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